Meet The Crew


Tom graduated summa cum laud with his bachelor’s degree in neuropsychology, and has a background in physical therapy. With his medical knowledge and sharp wits he makes a great addition to the universe. In the past, he has been a president of an honor society, a semi pro soccer player, and a state champion arm-wrestler. If he was on a star trek landing party, he would definitely not be wearing a red shirt.  


Molly is truly a nerd at heart. She grew up with a love of video games and computers before finally  going to school for programming. Currently, she works as an IT business analyst. When Tom decided to start up “Off the Rails”, she jumped in and learned everything she could about editing and hosting a podcast, despite being a novice in that field. In essance, she is self taught and, like the whole crew, is learning as she goes. When Molly is not working on the show you can normally find her curled up with a good book, or thinking of subtle ways to annoy Tom to the point of insanity. 


Nate Ford is a national touring stand up comedian and he likes to drink. Although he was born and raised in Boise, Idaho he always knew he was built for Wisconsin! For the last 18 years he has toured the country delivering the funny and recently has created his own comedy tour with Brendan O’ Day The Hobbit Trail: A Misguided Comedy Tour they do not have any hobbit jokes for Nate just looks like one and their tour is definitely misguided. Nate Ford is excited to be part of Off The Rails with Tom & Mark and hopes all of you will listen and get to know him and follow him on his journey! 

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